The Shows: Does This Song Make Me Look Fat?

"Looking relaxed and sounding sensational, Harnar couldn't take a wrong step in a wonderful set of songs. ★★★★★" - Next Magazine

Jeff's most recent show had its debut as a one-night sold-out concert at Birdland in 2012 and opens for a run on January 14th at The Laurie Beechman Theatre.

Does This Song Make Me Look Fat? is an eclectic set of standards and surprises, through which Jeff sets out to do his version of musical stand-up comedy, yet still have a satisfying musical soul to the show. Tapping into the wit of Noel Coward, Cole Porter, Comden & Green, Tom Lehrer, Stan Freburg, and Allan Sherman yet sprinkled with the heart of Sammy Cahn, Kander & Ebb, Leonard Bernstein, Cy Coleman and Billy Joel.

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"A very substantial, yet fun, program. From the moment he took the stage, Harnar had complete command over his celebrity-filled audience." - Times Square Chronicle

Along with standards such as "I Fall in Love Too Easily," "That's Life," "You're My Home," "Lonely Town" and "The World Goes Round," Jeff includes the comedy songs from his parent's record collection ("The Elements," "Tele-vee-shun" "Schticks of One") and newer treasures from Rick Crom ("Sondheim's Oklahoma"), Larry Kerchner ("What's Your Phobia?) and Francesca Blumenthal ("Between Men").

"Jeff Harnar, balladeer, doesn't so much throw off his familiar mantle during this show, as leave it on the piano bench while other shenanigans go on. There are ballads to be sure. But, in Does This Song Make Me Look Fat?, Harnar turns his charm to making us laugh. He succeeds." - Cabaret Scenes

Cabaret Reviewers Weigh In On their 2012 Picks of Most Memorable Shows and Performers: Jeff Harnar "Does This Song Make Me Look Fat?" (Birdland) – "A consummate cabaret artist holding the audience in the palm of his hand." - Times Square Chronicle

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